Today we visited Melanie’s apartment duplex to finish up mudding after the installation of new dry wall. It was a pleasure being able to visit with her for quick minute before we moved onto another location. Next, we inspected a church that was under remodeling in the lower ninth area of New Orleans. After we finished up work for the day, we entered downtown of New Orleans for a day full of fun and adventure. It was very interesting to see all the historical sites as well as musicians and magicians performing live on the streets. We ate at a wonderful restaurant, called Cafe Du Monde, where we drank coffee and had delicious Beignets. We ended the day by eating dinner at an amazing seafood restaurant, Mulate’s, that also had a live band performing music while people came onto the dance floor to have some fun. Overall, the city of New Orleans is a very lively place where tourists and residents enjoy themselves with food and family while some sort of good music is being played in the background. Today was a special experience for our group, and we were all very blessed to be able to see what this City was all about, while realizing how God has created such a beautiful place for people to come visit and also live in. (Cory Moore)