Today we had the opportunity to clean out a house that had been damaged by flood water. It was very tough to see so much of people’s property and memories damaged by the flood. The house that we cleaned was very large but the group did a great job of cleaning up a lot during today’s work time. Today was the first time our whole group worked together so that was a lot of fun. We also got to work with some of the John Brown University team. It was a good day with a lot of hard work and sweat. The house that we cleaned out had a lot of books and relics dedicated to several religions other than Christianity. This was very interesting being a Christian group to see that difference in some people. It seemed that the homeowners were trying to find some bigger purpose in life but they were not looking to Jesus like we do. It was a wake up call to see that difference and makes me want to continue to try and spread the good news of Jesus to multiple people. This has been a good and challenging week to see God working through out team and the JBU team. It has been fun to talk to different people and get to there snippets of their life. I am learning that understanding someone comes down to listening to their “story.” This allows you to see people through the eyes of Christ and see how God is working through each situation in their life. (Luke Moore)