Hey, this is Sam.

Today was definitely a hump day because projects were getting finished and the morning had a ruff start. Every day people are getting up later and later. I was at a job site where we were gutting a house that had been damaged in the floods two weeks ago and the amount of water damage was unbelievable. Near the end of the clean up we were finding things, like termite damage, that would have gone unchecked if we didn’t have to tear out that wall. After we finished my group went out for a treat, but the best part of the day was dinner. We invited all of the homeowners that we had been working with over the past few days to come to the church. After an awesome meal, that was donated by a local barbecue restaurant, there was a time for us to share where we found God this week. What I shared with the group was that I found it amazing how fast those effected by the flood, and the land, recovered from such drastic flooding. some of the homeowners that were effected by that flooding also spoke of how they appreciated how we served with a joyful heart while we were there, and that we were patient with her during her emotional times. Other homeowners spoke of how they enjoyed seeing young people setting this kind of example for their grandchildren that participated, and that we cared about them enough to come down here for a week. The love of God was definitely in the air tonight.