Hey everyone! Gabby Perdue here! These past two days I have gotten to work with Reach Global in helping those in need. The girls and I stayed in Convington to help those affected by recent flooding.  We have been helping a lady name Alice. Her home received 2 feet of flooding waters last week. So, me and my team helped with moving her things to storage; Alice has a very big home and lots a land.  Outside her home looks so nice you wouldn’t even have thought there was a flood, but inside was a different story. Her things were everywhere.  Four feet of the drywall and insulation was stripped out, and all the carpet and flooring was pulled up. It was very sad, but from the looks of her family and friends she was in good hands and has much support and even more support for the 8 dogs she has. In the home today we did a lot of wall busting and gutting and are almost done. It is very hard work, but worth the kinks you get afterwards. I enjoyed my time these past two days, especially getting to meet people and hear their stories. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow and to start tearing down more things and getting things ready to rebuild!