Our group arrived back in Greenville around 8:30 yesterday evening! We were all exhausted but eager to tell stories of our experiences! We had an amazing week serving God and others and learning more about ourselves!

Here are a few more pictures from the last couple days of our trip:


Every Evening after dinner we would meet as a group and we read through Colossians. It was good to gather and talk about the day and what we were learning.

Wednesday evening we had a cookout at one of the houses a group was working on. People from the neighborhood came and visited and had hot dogs with us!

We had so much fun getting to know all the kids who came to play ball, do side-walk chalk, or just hang out with us!

We were so excited to meet Miracle, a little girl who we had been praying for!

These are some kids we met from The Vine church in Texas! It was wonderful to get to spend some time with these junior high kids who were so willing to give up their Spring Break to help others!

We really did spend most of our time working… Jordan is cutting boards to place as stabilizers in the walls so that the next team who comes in can continue making Miss. Connie’s house a place to be lived in!

Most of the days we had to wear masks because the work we were doing was really filthy.

Steven, Prof. Munshaw, and Dr. Watterson are tearing down an old wall that was unstable. The plan was to replace the wall but when Miss Connie saw the big open room, she loved it and did not want the wall replaced!

Isaac and Jordan spent a lot of time putting braces in the walls to make them more sturdy.

–Shelby Riddle


When I was in New Orleans, I was really touched by how friendly and open

the people of New Orleans are. Miss Connie welcomed us by cooking delicious

meals that were clearly a labor of love, and the people hanging out on their porches

were really friendly. They are a people who truly desire Christian community. Also,

I think that it was pretty awesome how, when we were praying during the cookout

Wednesday night, the old man literally ran to our prayer circle to join us and how

his fellow residents welcomed him in even though they probably didn’t know him.

My question is whether most Christians would be that welcoming to that man. I

think the answer is no. I hope that I’m wrong.

-Steven Davis


Going into this spring break trip to New Orleans I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I had been on a couple mission trips before and I knew going in that I had a passion for mission work, but I had no idea how much this trip would change who I am.  I want to say that putting in hard work on a house that won’t be finished for a while gave me a better work ethic or that God spoke to me in some spectacular way this week by working on this house, but it wouldn’t be true.  God showed me that it’s okay to step outside of my comfort zone and talk to people that I normally wouldn’t even consider talking to.  Because I was willing to listen to stories I was opened to a new perspective on struggles and seeking God in them.  A lot of the people I met in New Orleans didn’t have much but they thanked God for everything, they had a lot taken from them when Katrina came through but they are praising Him in this storm, which is something I find hard to do and I have a lot more than they do.  I was extremely blessed by the relationships I got to build with the people in New Orleans and all of the groups that we met that were also there to help.

-Jessica Przybylski