We are spending the week at a house in the Central part of New Orleans. The homeowner, Connie, has lived in New Orleans for many years.

Shelby, Jessica, Steven, Michael, and Abby getting ready to head out for the day!

We spent the evening getting to know one another and playing basketball!

Sunday, before the work began, we took a trip to visit the beach!

Spring Break!!

Prof. Munshaw ordered a Po-Boy with an entire crab on it! Yum!

Michael learning to use a saw!

Periodically, throughout the day, we go on prayer walks. On these walks we have the opportunity to pray for the community we are in and the people we have met. We also have the chance to get to know people and pray with them.

Visiting with Arielle and Connie!

This is a picture of the entire group that spent the day working on Connie’s house! We had a great day working and getting to know one another!

We will post more picture tomorrow! Thanks for keeping up with our journey!

–Shelby Riddle