What an amazing weekend! Our team spent last Friday and Saturday in St. Louis working with two great organizations. On Friday, we arrived at Sun Ministries, a team of missionaries dedicated to sharing God’s love and serving their community and the people around them. Sun Ministries works in Hyde Park, an inner city St. Louis neighborhood. Our team got a tour of the many buildings run by Sun Ministries, which included a wood shop and sewing center that provide the homeless or unemployed with jobs and a steady source of income. They plan on later helping ex-convicts start small businesses, as well as opening an auto shop and a coffee shop.

While staying at Sun Ministries, we got the opportunity to work alongside the missionaries and see and hear firsthand what their ministry is about. Some of us helped set up a community garden for the neighborhood. Others worked in the wood shop and sewing center, making benches and purses out of recycled materials that the ministry sells to support itself. At night, we got the chance to worship and pray with the missionaries and hear more about their lives and the stories behind their ministry.

The next day, we arrived at Covenant House, a home for abused and/or homeless teenagers and young adults. Covenant House provides shelter, food, job training, and GED classes to the teens living there. To end the weekend, we got to play games and eat pizza with some of the kids living at Covenant. Meeting them and hearing some of their stories was an incredibly fun and eye-opening experience!

Throughout the whole weekend, it was easy to see God at work. Our team got countless opportunities to learn, to serve, and most importantly, to love the people around us.We met people who had given up everything to share the love of God with the broken, the overlooked, and the outcast in our community. I can’t imagine a clearer picture of what it looks like to follow Jesus!