Day 2 has been an extremely successful day!! We got up and had breakfast at 6:30 this morning, had devotionals then collected our various supplies and headed out to our work sites. Today’s weather was nice, high of 66 degrees and sunny.  Our team was very excited to see what the day would have in store for us and the community.

One of our team(Shelby, Gail, Clay, Ryan, Keona, and Andy) went to a house that belongs to Bobby and Belinda Tinner. They felt called to come down to Louisiana after Katrina and become church planters. Their work is to try and meet people who are interested in learning more about God. They plan to use their home as a place where their ministry can develop. The ultimate goal of their ministry is to form a new church.  We spent most of our day scraping paint off of the siding on the outside of the house so that it can be repainted. When the levee broke after Katrina the house ended up about 6 feet under water. The inside has been gutted and they are finishing up electrical work and plumbing. Some of our team also helped repair some of the siding on the outside of the house and do some work that needed to be done in the yard.

The other half of our group consisting of Luke, Cole, Heidi, Dr. Watterson, Cody, and Isaac returned to the house in the lower 9th ward to continue the mudding, taping and repairs.  We were able to speak with some people in the neighboring houses and hear more of their stories and their background from the storm.  As we will continue working on this house, our hope is to make progress and further the mans home who is in need of shelter and hope.  Our team had fun, worked hard and is looking forward to another day at work tomorrow.  As well, we will be attending a block party in the city. We are looking forward to making friendships with the community members and have fellowship with them over dinner.  Please continue to pray for our team who is here at work as well as those who were affected by the storm and those who are still struggling with effects of the storm, even years later.

Blessings,New Orleans Missions Spring Break Group 2013