Day 11 in Nicaragua is over and none of us can believe we will be back in the good ol’ US of A in just 2 short days. We all had a full day today at our sites.

The Women’s Social Work group went to one of the poorest areas of Nicaragua this morning. It was called La Valle de Volcan (Volcano Valley) and is it land that the government issues that is right next to a garbage dump. The community has limited water and electricity and the group was able to visit with some of the families that lived there and show love to the people living in extreme poverty. In the afternoon, they made t-shirt crafts with one of the groups they work with and talked and laughed with the women. They made beautiful scarves, necklaces, and headbands out of simple t-shirts and had a great time connecting with the women.

The Medical group went to a small community called Jocote and helped thirty-five different people with their needs, both physical and spiritual.

The Boy’s Club had a lot of fun today building and shooting rockets made with plastic bottles, PVC pipe, and water to entertain the boys. Don’t worry parents, it was totally safe :) In the afternoon, they played wiffle ball, soccer, and handball with the kids. After they were all worn out from having so much fun, Joseph, a leader from SI, shared the Word of God with the kids when he gave a moving message about Romans 10:9-10.

The Micro-finance group had the busiest day today! Half of the group helped make wedding decorations for a wedding celebration that will occur in February. Five couples from the women’s group that  SI works with will be getting married and none of them can afford to pay for all of the expenses. Helping them make the decorations was one way the students could share the Gospel and help the women in need. The other half of the team went on a mission to get hammock materials in Masaya. They took  bus and got more cotton so the women could make more hammocks for us to buy. The day ended with an extremely successful fair at the base where the women were able to sell hammocks, jewelry, bags, headbands, and cards to all of the Greenville students. Our purchases will be a huge blessing to the women as they save up to buy a house and cover the other expenses associated with the weddings!

My team, the Soccer site, had another great day with the kids. We were able to do drills in the morning and Aaron and Eliot shared a message about giving God glory because he can change us. It is awesome to see the kids all come together through the game of soccer and then listen to us when we share the Gospel! If even one of them comes to the Lord because of us, it is all worth it! In the afternoon we allowed them to play full-field games and I shared my testimony with the kids and teens. I know that they were listening and pray that God will use something I said to reach the depths of their hearts. The young kids were all at the camp as well and we absolutely adore their hugs and unconditional love. It sure will be hard to say goodbye tomorrow!

We are all starting to get upset that we have to leave soon. It is amazing how close you can get to people in just eleven days. Not only have we all bonded with each other, but we have made strong connections with the people here in Nicaragua. Even though most of us cannot speak more than six words of Spanish, we all feel extremely connected to many of the people we have come into contact with. Nicaragua has been such a blessing to us all and we are so thankful for the experience.

Thank you all for your support and prayers! Keep them coming!