It has been quite a long day for our team. For many of us, we have been up since 5 a.m. making final preparations for the adventure ahead of us. We loaded our bags and set off for the airport. And so it began.

For the first half of the flight, unfortunately, some of the group got split up. For the first half of the group, we landed in Atlanta to wait our five hour layover. The layover may have been long, but we spent the time bonding and just relaxing. A couple hours later, the rest of the group caught up to continue our flight to Nicaragua. Our flights were smooth and we landed safely in Nicaragua.

Customs went faster then expected and very smoothly. We were officially in Nicaragua!

The past hour since being at the base, we have settled in and explored. Although we haven’t gotten to see much of Nicaragua yet, I think I can speak for everyone in saying we are ready to see God work in us and in people around us. And we are ready to show God’s people how much love the Creator of the universe has for these people. And so the journey begins…

-Holli Meredith