Twenty-three is my new favorite number since I also happen to be that age. I had the opportunity to go to Nicaragua this past summer and it was both an encouraging and challenging experience. I want you to consider going as well since God uses opportunities such as these to speak even more strongly into your life. The following are twenty-three reasons why you should go this year (by the way there are THREE different chances to go so you don’t have ANY excuses):

1. God wants us to spread His good news

2. Traveling can be fun or it can be another way for you to get out of your comfort zone

3. You have a great team and will become like family with them

4. You get to serve (and know) faculty like Becca McColl and Dr. Reinhardt

5. You get to love on kids

6. You get to love the unlovable

7. You will become a father figure to a little boy

8. You will help women learn simple crafts that they will LOVE

9. You will make paper airplanes with little kids

10. You will roll around in the dirt with 3 year olds

11. You will see lots of dogs and chickens

12. You will eat dinner with a local family and maybe even be blessed to have a mini-concert at the table

13. You will go to church and worship with hundreds of other believers

14. You will pray for Nicaragua in someone from the community’s home

15. You will change lives

16. You will be changed and may even find that you are called to missions

17. You will meet a potter and better understand how Jeremiah 18 and 19 apply to our lives as Christians

18. You will climb to the top of a volcano and worship God for how awesome it is

19. You will buy a hammock from the market or from a starving little boy

20. You will eat dinner with your teammates and boys from the street trying to make a living on their own

21. You will work with God-loving and passionate leaders like Jill, Maria, Lowell and Nate

22. You will eat lots of delicious fresh fruit and be given even more each day as a gift

23. You will learn that love needs no translation although you will pick up some Spanish as well……..

I could continue but I told you I would only give you 23 reasons. If you want more just ask or go on the trip yourself and come up with your own reasons for why people should go.

Christie McMahon