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NOLA missions – day 6 (Friday March 25, 2016)

Posted Friday, March 25th, 2016


Today we visited Melanie’s apartment duplex to finish up mudding after the installation of new dry wall. It was a pleasure being able to visit with her for quick minute before we moved onto another location. Next, we inspected a church that was under remodeling in the lower ninth area of New Orleans. After we finished up work for the day, we entered downtown of New Orleans for a day full of fun and adventure. It was very interesting to see all the historical sites as well as musicians and magicians performing live on the streets. We ate at a wonderful restaurant, called Cafe Du Monde, where we drank coffee and had delicious Beignets. We ended the day by eating dinner at an amazing seafood restaurant, Mulate’s, that also had a live band performing music while people came onto the dance floor to have some fun. Overall, the city of New Orleans is a very lively place where tourists and residents enjoy themselves with food and family while some sort of good music is being played in the background. Today was a special experience for our group, and we were all very blessed to be able to see what this City was all about, while realizing how God has created such a beautiful place for people to come visit and also live in. (Cory Moore)


NOLA missions – day 5 (Thursday, March 24, 2016)

Posted Thursday, March 24th, 2016


Today we had the opportunity to clean out a house that had been damaged by flood water. It was very tough to see so much of people’s property and memories damaged by the flood. The house that we cleaned was very large but the group did a great job of cleaning up a lot during today’s work time. Today was the first time our whole group worked together so that was a lot of fun. We also got to work with some of the John Brown University team. It was a good day with a lot of hard work and sweat. The house that we cleaned out had a lot of books and relics dedicated to several religions other than Christianity. This was very interesting being a Christian group to see that difference in some people. It seemed that the homeowners were trying to find some bigger purpose in life but they were not looking to Jesus like we do. It was a wake up call to see that difference and makes me want to continue to try and spread the good news of Jesus to multiple people. This has been a good and challenging week to see God working through out team and the JBU team. It has been fun to talk to different people and get to there snippets of their life. I am learning that understanding someone comes down to listening to their “story.” This allows you to see people through the eyes of Christ and see how God is working through each situation in their life. (Luke Moore)


NOLA missions – day 4 (Wednesday March 23, 2016)

Posted Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Hey, this is Sam.

Today was definitely a hump day because projects were getting finished and the morning had a ruff start. Every day people are getting up later and later. I was at a job site where we were gutting a house that had been damaged in the floods two weeks ago and the amount of water damage was unbelievable. Near the end of the clean up we were finding things, like termite damage, that would have gone unchecked if we didn’t have to tear out that wall. After we finished my group went out for a treat, but the best part of the day was dinner. We invited all of the homeowners that we had been working with over the past few days to come to the church. After an awesome meal, that was donated by a local barbecue restaurant, there was a time for us to share where we found God this week. What I shared with the group was that I found it amazing how fast those effected by the flood, and the land, recovered from such drastic flooding. some of the homeowners that were effected by that flooding also spoke of how they appreciated how we served with a joyful heart while we were there, and that we were patient with her during her emotional times. Other homeowners spoke of how they enjoyed seeing young people setting this kind of example for their grandchildren that participated, and that we cared about them enough to come down here for a week. The love of God was definitely in the air tonight.


NOLA missions – day 3 (Tuesday, March 22, 2016)

Posted Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Hey everyone! Gabby Perdue here! These past two days I have gotten to work with Reach Global in helping those in need. The girls and I stayed in Convington to help those affected by recent flooding.  We have been helping a lady name Alice. Her home received 2 feet of flooding waters last week. So, me and my team helped with moving her things to storage; Alice has a very big home and lots a land.  Outside her home looks so nice you wouldn’t even have thought there was a flood, but inside was a different story. Her things were everywhere.  Four feet of the drywall and insulation was stripped out, and all the carpet and flooring was pulled up. It was very sad, but from the looks of her family and friends she was in good hands and has much support and even more support for the 8 dogs she has. In the home today we did a lot of wall busting and gutting and are almost done. It is very hard work, but worth the kinks you get afterwards. I enjoyed my time these past two days, especially getting to meet people and hear their stories. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow and to start tearing down more things and getting things ready to rebuild!


NOLA missions – day 2 (Monday March 21, 2016)

Posted Monday, March 21st, 2016

Today is the first day of work. Our group was divided into 2 work sites. The girls stayed in Covington to help with recent flood relief efforts. The guys worked in the upper 9th ward to repair termite damage. Today’s post focuses on our tiny, hungry friends.

These termites lived quite happily for a good long time in the moist wood resulting from a leaky roof. All of this wood was removed and we started to replace it today. We should be able to finish the repairs on Tuesday. We took a break at noon to eat and walk around the neighborhood. This part of the upper 9th is fairly well repaired and it seems most families are away at work for the day. We did not encounter anyone on our walk, but were able to get a feel for the area. “Pray for the city” is a common phrase here, so please join us as we pray.

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