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Posted Sunday, August 30th, 2015

From the moment that we stepped off the plane in Managua, Nicaragua, I began falling in love with this country. And after just five days of living in Masaya, I can honestly say that this city is stealing my heart.

Nicaragua is a small country of 5.8 million people nestled between Honduras and Costa Rica in what we refer to as Central America. Next to Haiti, it is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Consequently, living here is a strong reminder that we are not made for stuff, but for relationships.

The team gathered for breakfast at the SI base on one of our first days in Nicaragua.


In Nicaragua, relationships come first. When someone approaches your gate calling, “Buenas!” you drop whatever you’re doing to great them with a handshake or kiss. Then you pull up a chair prepared to sit and talk for as long as they decide to stay.

Here, everyone has plastic lawn chairs. When someone drops by for an afternoon visit, out come the chairs. When company comes for dinner, we pull the extra chairs around the table. When niñas prance into the social work site, we make a circle with the chairs. When supper has been cleaned up and the air has cooled, we drag the chairs to the street to congregate with family and friends or whoever happens to pass by. They are one of the many symbols that signify the importance of gathering to Nicaraguans.

Laura visits with her sister Angelina and cousin Kiera.

We have experienced a whole new meaning for the word community. After less than a week of living with our host families, our team has all agreed that this place feels like home. We have encountered both extreme poverty and extreme hospitality. We are being poured into by our host families and the SI staff, and after a few weeks of language school it will be our turn to pour into the children and families at the ministry sites. We feel loved, and we feel at home. And we are looking forward to all that this new home has in store for us.

The entire team with some SI staff. From left to right Katie Trapp, Seth (SI), Laura Christ, Noah Kneer, Lauren Michels, Christina Bowman, Jill (SI), Austin (SI), and Anna Brannon



GC in NOLA Spring Break 2015

Posted Friday, March 20th, 2015

Thursday is the last full day of work. The heat has taken its toll on us this week. Most of us have gotten a bit sunburned, but that’s a small price for all the great sun and blue sky. Work has been very good and we have met many great people. Here are a few photos from today.

We started off the morning with a wonderful breakfast and reflection on God’s word.  Our devotion covered Matthew 28:19-20. We talked about how to prepare our hearts as disciples of Christ. Then we  split up into our teams. The team I am on is tearing off old siding on a house. We have all been using a lot of  fun power tools (i.e., a reciprocal saw and a nail gun). The family that resides in the home we are working on is very hospitable. Today we were treated to Muffaletta sandwiches. They were absolutely delicious.

The leaders here at Reach Global talked to us about how God is already working here. This was evident to me by the community within the neighborhood  radiating Christ’s love. From sharing stories about Katrina to being told that “I now have a family in New Orleans,” I have experienced a deep connection to the neighborhood.  Also, I have seen God’s love within the Greenville College Community I am here with. I have had several encouraging conversations with other team members, which have resulted in a lot of new friendships. The team leaders and the Reach Global leaders have all impacted our team as examples of mature discipleship. Overall, this experience has been a huge blessing and has been life changing for me.  I am so glad God led me to be a part of this team and serve the Lord.

Written by Holly Pianfetti


GC in NOLA Spring Break 2015 – day 5

Posted Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 Tagged:

Wednesday means more work for the team, again in three locations. Enjoy these photos and reflections.

I can’t believe it is Wednesday already and the work week is over halfway through. The time here is flying by! Today, some of the groups split up to go to a new work site: Rock Molina’s house. I had the privilege of joining this group to do some demo on this house. The Molina’s lost their home and everything in it to a fire toward the end of last year. Driving up to this house, I was immediately saddened. Looking around at the ash, I found a toy car, and thought about all the memories that this house probably held. Besides ash and ruins, there wasn’t much left of the house except the wood framing. However, after talking to the owner of the house, Rock, my perspective of the ruins changed. He explained how he was just blessed that all of his family got out of the house safely and how God knew the stress his family was under, and this fire actually relieved stressed. He knows God is working in his life and that this fire was all His plan. So, even though it seemed like a tragedy, my group got to have a little fun with the job. With sledgehammers in hand, we starting busting apart the stone fireplace, demolishing walls, and tearing down lots of burnt wood. It was a great time to make my group of all girls, besides the intern, Ryan, feel powerful. I actually had a blast busting up the concrete and kicking through walls. We learned new skills and got to have great conversations while we worked as well. The work day ended with a cookout of delicious burgers with our whole team and a conversation about internship opportunities. Afterwards, we were also entertained by some people using odd and ends from the warehouse to put on a little musical show, as well as some dancing and great laughter. Today was a great day and I really felt God’s working and watching over our team. We are so blessed.
Written By: Emily Kaiser


GC in NOLA Spring Break 2015 – day 4

Posted Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 Tagged:

Tuesday was another full day of work here in NOLA. The team continues to work in 3 locations. Here are a few photos from Tuesday.

On Tuesday March 17, we worked on Miss Wincfus’ house that was suffering from deterioration due to water damage and termites. We had to jack up the whole house from underneath to replace rotting wood on the framing. So, I got down and dirty and joined Mark Manning, our job site supervisor, under the house to accomplish this. After much sawing, tearing, and replacing we finally got new pieces of wood under the house to support it thoroughly. Then, I got to use the nail gun to make the new pieces sturdy enough to withstand almost anything. It’s been cool getting to know the staff, community, and the power tools. Miss Wincfus and her son, Renee are too generous: Wincfus cooked us food, and Renee helped working on the house. They have made us a part of their lives. We appreciate everything they did for us. On our prayer walk, we ran into three guys who shared with us their experience about Katrina and how it affected their lives. They moved out, but returned about three years later because they couldn’t stay away from the community. I have been blessed with this opportunity to share God’s love by participating in mission work in a way that I had never done before. This has been a great experience, and I’ve learned a lot from the community and their sense of appreciation for life.

Written by: Jack Jack Attack


GC in NOLA Spring Break 2015 – day 3

Posted Monday, March 16th, 2015 Tagged:

Monday is the first day of work for the team. We divided into groups to work in four locations around New Orleans. Here are a few highlights – Starting off with a wonderful breakfast, and morning devotion, we were ecstatic to see what out first day in the mission-field of the City would be like! We joined different team leaders and gathered our supplies needed for the various tasks’ we were assigned. My team and I finally arrived to our job site, tools in hand! We were able to dispose of a great amount of debris and start the process of breaking down some old concrete.  I had the privilege of working at a job site where there were many people out enjoying the weather throughout the neighborhood. About 5 minutes later I found myself talking with one of the residence about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and how it took just about everything she worked for. Then, I began to get filled with so much joy and happiness as she shared her testimony and spent a great deal talking about Jesus Christ. I had such a blast in just that short amount of time! My day was absolutely complete! We began working more on our project and evening time soon came. We gathered all of our materials and headed back to camp. We had such a wonderful dinner prepared for us by the ReachGlobal staff. Upon completion of our meal, we watched a video about mission-ministry. We applied it to ourselves, applied it our expectations, and even thought about how we could kingdom-build effectively as workers for Christ. Today was an amazing first day! I can’t wait to see what other amazing opportunities come about throughout the rest of the week! God has really shown himself and I’m more than excited to see what’s to come!

Written by: Vandes Jackson




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