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GC in NOLA, January 2015, day 6

Posted Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Our week in New Orleans concludes with this post. Fridays are typically a day of anticipation for the groups working with ReachGlobal here in NOLA. We worked through lunch, got cleaned up, then ventured into the city for a little exploration and sightseeing. The French Quarter of New Orleans was the desired location, so full of history, quaint shops, but also tourists looking only for Bourbon Street. Our adventure started with Cafe Du Mond for fresh made beignets, then a lot of walking and looking before arriving at Mulate’s cajun restaurant for dinner, music, and a little dancing.

Now we drive home. We have 13 hours of car time ahead of us Saturday morning.


GC in NOLA, January 2015, day 5

Posted Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Here are some pictures of what we worked on today. The real story of our week is not the work, however. The reason we are here is to serve God and His people in New Orleans. The physical labor we do is of secondary importance to the people we meet, talk and pray with in the neighborhoods surrounding the job sites. Relationship building and developing greater spiritual sensitivity to the human needs around us is the real mission of these trips to NOLA.


Today the group I am with went to a house on the north shore of the lake. It was not damaged by the hurricanes or close to New Orleans, it was damaged by a large water leak. I was put out by these facts, but I have realized service is service. Even outside of New Orleans there is good work to do that is just as honoring to God as the work in Katrina houses. Service is not just in poverty stricken areas or areas damaged by hurricanes. Service is also in the ordinary.

- Garrett Streeter


GC in NOLA, January 2015, day 4

Posted Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Wednesday was a pretty intense work day. Most of the action was at the church in the lower 9th ward. Demolition is finished and repair is in full swing. Two weeks ago a volunteer team repaired the roof damaged by Katrina over 9 years ago. This week our team finished cleaning out all the remaining junk and started building new walls inside. Here is a brief view of the work for Wednesday.

The work didn’t stay contained within the four walls of the church building today. Our team went on a prayer walk around the lower 9th district to speak to people in the community and pray over and with the families that had been effected by Katrina.  We saw a house that had been rebuilt and stopped to pray over the area. Although, the entire block was destroyed and many houses were abandoned we met a man who was determined to rebuild the community of New Orleans and stick-it-out through the “storms” of life.  You see, Alvin is 60 years old and has no job, car, internet, or business. Before the storm, he had just started his own landscaping business and was doing well in life working towards retirement.  One day changed the rest of his life. As he told us his story and how he had progressed over the last 10 years, I couldn’t help but be amazed that he was still smiling and willing to do whatever it would take to make his town a community again.  In the end he said simply that “it was all God’s will; things could be worse.” He saw the good and bad both as gifts from God instead of just taking the positives of life. Alvin taught us that no matter how bad things get we should always smile and rely fully on God. It was a blessing and an experience that reshapes how we must look at experiences. Alvin’s story was an uplifting second wind to keep us focused the rest of the day on what we are here to do: Love God with absolutely everything we have, and love and serve the people of the world as we would love ourselves. We are looking forward for the days to come and the work here in New Orleans.  – Sylvia Haygood



GC in NOLA, January 2015, day 3

Posted Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

We are deep into the work today. One group is nearly finished with drywall repairs, and the other group continues demolition in preparation for reconstruction. No restaurants until Friday night. Here are some highlights from Tuesday -

The last few days in New Orleans has been busy, but has also been full of blessings.  We have been hard at work in two locations doing many different tasks.  We have pulled nails, built a wall, took out a lot of piping and gone on a few prayer walks in the community.  While out in the community we have been able to make connections with people who were greatly affected by hurricane Katrina.  We were able to hear their stories and pray for them.  Not only have we worked hard and made connections with people in the community, but we have also had the opportunity to grow as a team.  We have formed relationships with one another that will go beyond this week.  – Jessica Przybylski


GC in NOLA, January 2015, day 2

Posted Monday, January 19th, 2015 Tagged:

Monday is our first day of real work. The group is divided between two work sites. One is a church in the lower 9th ward, the most heavily damaged area of the city.

Some of the Greenville students had the opportunity to give back to a church that was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Some of the activities that occurred during this afternoon’s session include: removing nails from boards, ripping door frames out from the structure, wiping off the rust from window sills, breaking up tile, cutting boards, and other various activities. One of the cool things that we as a group got to experience is no matter what the task was, we encouraged each other through it and got to share our testimonies with people within the group. A thing was amazed me was we were able to go on a prayer walk and just pray for the community and reach out to the neighborhood people. An aspect that was bought to my attention today is we are never meant to do anything alone. We are called to be in community with each other and seeing that in action is just an amazing aspect to see on the first day.   -Gabby Hosick

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