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Off the Field Fans

Posted Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

The Greenville Women’s soccer team has been gaining fans not only on the field, but off the field as well! For the past few months, the team has been traveling to Helia Healthcare of Greenville to sing to and visit with the residents that live there.  The team visited twice during the season and has been going once a week now that the season is over. It is a great way our team can share our talents and our time with others…and we love doing it!

It is amazing to see just how much the residents appreciate us coming and spending time with them. As a member of the team, I truly enjoy going to Helia and know that it is not only fun for the residents, but for us players as well. We have all learned to appreciate the time we take to slow down and focus on things more important than ourselves.


We hope to continue visiting Helia as much as possible. It is such a blessing to be able to show our love for God and for other people!

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

Posted Monday, December 12th, 2011

You may be asking yourselves, what exactly does a collegiate athlete do once season is over? Well, celebrate Christmas, of course! And what Christmas party would be complete without cookies, ugly Christmas sweaters, pinthe ears on the elf/pin the nose on the reindeer, and a white elephant gift exchange? This afternoon the girls gathered in the upper union to celebrate Christmas and have one final get together before the end of semester. Check out a few pics from our awesome Christmas party!

Pin the ears on the elf! (Who knew Dubs was a coach AND a Christmas elf?)

So excited for the white elephant gift exchange!

Coach Mac made a special appearance as Rudolph for the "Pin the nose on the Reindeer" game

Kayla was so excited about her new Christmas socks! (Until they got stolen by someone else!)

Haley loved the movie she got! (Unfortunately her gift got taken too!)

Awkward family photo!


Senior Profile: Emily Rose

Posted Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We have one final senior profile for you all (and I sincerely apologize for how long it’s taken to get this put up! Less daylight hours and bad weather pushed it back and then before we knew it the end of season was upon us!). Check out this 6th and final profile for senior goalie Emily Rose!

YouTube Preview Image

Q. How long have you been playing soccer?

A. I have been playing soccer ever since I was in second grade, so how old are you in second grade…like eight? So thirteen years.


Q. What is one of your favorite GC soccer memories?

A. My favorite soccer memory is probably in Italy. Just being with the girls and having the team chemistry there. And playing in the fountains was a big joke! So I probably love that the most.

Q. How has Greenville prepared you for life after graduation?

A. I think Greenville has prepared me for life after graduation, well soccer just the commitment that it takes to be in a sport and to be in school. So to have your studies and practices and be able to manage your time wisely. And when you don’t feel like getting up and doing it, you have to anyway so it just helps you to have that motivation to try and find motivation no matter what it is, whether you want to or not.

Q. What was one of the highlights of your senior season?

A. One of the highlights of my season this year was actually just this past game that we had. In the room Heidi and I shared a bed, and it was just ridiculous because…well it was just ridiculous! And on the sideline with Stew! It was just funny! And that’s all.

Q. Do you have any advice for future players?

A. My advice for future players is to work your hardest as much as you can, to put forth that effort if you really want that spot, and to never give up because you never know when you’re going to have a moment to come out and shine.

We are so proud of all our seniors. They have put in so much work over the last four years, and were an integral part of the success this program has had. We will miss all our seniors and wish them the best of luck in whatever lies ahead!

The Lady Panthers finished their season with a 1-0 loss to Trinity International in the regional game for the NCCAA tournament. It was a tough way to end the season, but the team had a great season filled with many triumphs and successes. Here’s to the 2012 season!


SLIAC Championship (11/5)

Posted Monday, November 7th, 2011

The Greenville women traveled to Principia to take on the SLIAC regular season confrence champions Saturday night. The ladies were ready and excited, as they knew the importance of this SLIAC Championship. Both teams knew they had a 90 minute battle ahead of them, as both GC and Principia had successful seasons this year. GC came out strong with high intensity.  They had a few great chances but both teams were unable to score in the first half. Going into haftime with a 0-0 score gave Greenville some confidence and they were ready to play their hearts out for another 45 minutes.

Jackie and Kayla P. taking the ball down the field for GC

Jamie gaining control of the ball in the first half

The second half started strong for GC with the ladies showing superb teamwork and working hard. GC’s effort and perserverence were commendable, as the ladies gave it their all the entire time they were on the field. Even the players on the bench were into the game, cheering and encouraging their teammates every step of the way. Despite the incredible work ethic the GC women had, Principia’s Nadine Marczi scored to bring them up 1-0. Greenville did not let up after getting scored on, as the ladies had a few great chances to tie the game. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the back of the net. The game would end in a Principia victory, 1-0.

Heather Wein clearing the ball

Haley Thatcher battling for the ball

Both teams gathering together for prayer after the game

Despite the tough loss, the Greenville women’s season is not over! The women will play again at the NCCAA national tournament in a few weeks. Details about their next game are to come. You can stay up-to-date on the Panthers by looking at our Facebook page!!/pages/Greenville-College-Womens-Soccer/113946878658687



Exciting Win Over Webster! (11/3)

Posted Friday, November 4th, 2011

After a hard-fought battle last night at Soccer Park in St. Louis, the Greenville College Women’s Soccer team came away with a big win over Webster! This game was the first round of the SLIAC conference tournament, and we knew that a win was necessary in order to keep playing this season. After fighting for 90 minutes, we guaranteed ourselves a spot in the Conference Tournament Championship game, and some more time to keep playing this season.

The team gathers to talk during a pause in the action

The first half passed without a score on either side, and so we knew we had to make something happen in the second half. The girls came out fired up to start the second half, and worked hard to take advantage of the wind now being at our backs. Despite the cold rainy weather, Greenville finally put in a goal partway through the second half. Natalie Henneberry scored to make it 1-0. Webster countered and quickly brought the score to 1-1. With about 15 minutes left, Greenville was once again able to take the lead with a score from a corner kick by Jackie Sievert. We were able to hold onto the lead for the remainder of the half to bring home the victory!

Rachel Irwin in the fight against Webster

Rachel B throwing the ball in

Kayla Panzau fighting for control of the ball

Mo Murphy gets in the battle!

It was an exciting upset as Greenville was in the 3rd seed and Webster held the higher place in the Conference tournament. We now move on to play Principia in the Championship game tomorrow at 6pm at Principia. The outcome of that game will determine if we will go on to play in the NCAA tournament or the NCCAA tournament. All the girls on the team are extremely excited to take on Principia again after our close game against them in regular season. We’re also glad for the opportunity to keep playing, because none of us were ready for season to be over. Tomorrow’s game will be another hard-fought battle, but we will come out ready to fight for the Conference Championship title! Come on out tomorrow at 6pm at Principia to watch support the Panthers! Also check out our facebook page for periodic updates.

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