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GC Volleyball Meets The Simple Room!

Posted Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

For the last few Sundays this month, a few girls from our GC Volleyball team had the opportunity to hang out with 8-14 year old girls from the Simple Room here in town. If you are unfamiliar with The Simple Room you can check out their website at or on Facebook at to see the amazing things being done in the lives of these boys and girls.

We would begin every afternoon with introductions and tell a little bit about ourselves, including name, age, favorite color, favorite food, etc. We always tried to ease the girls into the volleyball aspect, as many of them have never played the sport or even touched a volleyball. We went through all of the basic skills of our sport with them including passing, hitting, setting, blocking, and some serving. We had limited time and obviously couldn’t go completely in-depth but the few girls who attended all three weeks definitely started to catch on and were able to perform in some of these areas. In addition to volleyball we also played a lot of different games with the girls and had snack time and a little devotional in the middle of each session! In these devotionals we talked about things like forgiveness, being selfless, and putting our trust in the Lord. We had activities to go along with these topics and we also had a few of the girls tell stories about personal experiences they have had in these areas.


This was our first year teaming up with The Simple Room and it was awesome to be able to share our passion as well as a little bit of our faith with these young girls! Our plan is to make this something we take part in every year in the hopes of developing great relationships and connections between Greenville College Volleyball and the girls of the Simple Room!


Dig Pink Night!

Posted Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Last night was the Dig Pink Volleyball game at Greenville College. Dig Pink is a match where all the players wear pink jerseys in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Each year we have had a ton of fans come out to support both the team and this awesome cause, but this year was by far the best. Of course, we had so many parents and GC students in the crowd, but we also had the cheerleading squad and the entire football team cheering us on! JV and Varsity had back to back  matches against Robert-Morris Peoria and Blackburn.

YouTube Preview Image

JV started off the night against Robert-Morris Peoria showing one of the best games we’ve had so far. Things were changed up a bit as Janell Crow was setting for us, but each person on the court responded perfectly and we played better than we ever have. The team set a new record for kills within a set with a big 21 (which is pretty dang good if you think about there only being 25 points for a win) and we ended up stealing the match in a quick three sets. The JV girls were also very excited to find out that this wasn’t in fact our last match of the season! We picked up another one for November 1st, so we hope you can all make it out to support!

After an awesome JV match it was varsity’s turn. The last time Greenville played Blackburn we beat them in three and we expected nothing less than that this time. Again, line ups got switched up a bit throughout the match, and Hannah Groves did an awesome job stepping up as setter for the team. Blackburn put up a great fight, however we would not settle for anything less than a big win. Varsity also came out with another great win for the night thanks to all of the hard work and preparing we’ve done as well as all of the support in our gym.

Dig Pink night was awesome and we are always thrilled to be playing for such a good cause. (Also we love wearing pink on the court :) ) The team’s next match will be against Illinois College this Thursday night and we are  hoping to add another “W” to the record!

YouTube Preview Image



Posted Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Today was a VERY big game for Greenville College Volleyball. We took on Spalding and McKendree. The biggest game of the day for us was against the so-far-undefeated-in-conference Spalding and was a very tight match up. There was high tension and many high emotions going into this match because they took the match from Webster just last night. This meant that if we were to take back the number one spot in the conference we would have to beat them.

After an inspirational speech from coach, the mindset in this game was a bit different than usual. The goal wasn’t to simply win. What we would need to strive for in order to have success was not playing timid or afraid of losing points, but playing aggressive, bigger than ourselves, and giving every single ball 100%, 100% of the time. We would need to completely LET GO. We did just that. Spalding was very strong today and great competition for us. Anyone in the gym could tell you the nerves were going crazy almost the entire match, but especially in the 5th game (If you haven’t noticed a pattern, our team REALLY likes to take matches to the 5th game- to keep it exciting, of course).

This was a very intense, exhausting match for both teams, and after our exciting win Spalding had to take on McKendree, the other visiting team. McKendree ended up taking the win after another tough, tiring match, and then it was their turn to meet the GC Panthers!

We were very pumped about our previous win and excited to play again, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t worn out. Spalding gave us a crazy good workout which meant we had to be even more disciplined and controlled in every play of the game. We came out strong in the beginning and stayed very closely matched with McKendree. After the 4th set we were tied 2-2…(what did I tell you about the 5th game?!) Coach Ackerman asked us before the match, “One team on this court today will leave this gym 2-0 and one will leave 1-1. Who is going to be 2-0?” I think this really stuck with each of our players because we came out swinging better, harder, higher, and faster than we had all day long.

The final score of the 5th game was an amazing 15-4, proving the strength and determination of the panthers (as well as how much we condition at practice) and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end this long day of volleyball. We are scheduled play McKendree again this Friday for our homecoming game and are very excited to snatch up another win :)



Greenville goes to the Beaver Dome!

Posted Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Yesterday morning the team woke up bright and early and headed off to Blackburn College  for two conference matches. The first match was against the Blackburn Beavers and the second was against Eureka. This was the first time we have played Blackburn so we were a bit unsure of what to expect and we were prepared to come out swinging. We had a strong match, Nicole leading with 10 kills, and Corinne finishing with 9. Marie also started at middle with 3 block solos and 8 block assists! We won in 3 games and felt confident and again very prepared to take our next match against Eureka.

We played Eureka last weekend and the goal was to beat them again in 3 games,  but to come out even stronger than before. We did just that and took the second match of the day in 3! We were all very pleased with a 6-0 day, especially because that meant we got chocolate! Coach has a rule that if we go undefeated in a conference match we each get one caffeinated treat when we eat after! So we left the gym after our matches and headed off to get lunch at Denny’s! We got delicious chocolate shakes, chocolate chip pancakes and sodas and they all hit the spot :)

After all long day of volleyball and traveling we returned to the school and the JV girls got ready to help serve at a banquet for the Greenville Regional Hospital. Our job was to help with decorations, setting up, serving drinks and desserts and cleaning up. It was a long day overall but such a good experience and we were very grateful for the opportunity to help out with the event!

This was another good day for the Greenville Volleyball team and we are excited for the matches coming up this week and hope to see everybody there supporting our team!


Webster comes to the Ville!

Posted Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Tonight was the match that we have been anticipating and counting down to for weeks now. Last time we played the Webster Gorloks we were at Spalding and won the match in an exciting 5th game… the score 16-14. Webster has improved a ton from last year, but we have also gained some new big-time players so the fight was very close. Our main goal of the past few weeks was to really prepare for tonight. Webster is the team we beat in the conference tournament last year to take us to the NCAA tournament in Ohio and has always been one of our biggest competitors.

Going into the gym tonight there was definitely a lot more tension and competitive feel among the teams than there has ever been. Both sides of the court were crazy. We came out strong determined to “win the warm-up” and I think we did just that :) We had so many parents, students and sports teams (including baseball and football) in attendance and they were all supportive of us every second of the match. We were also a little extra pumped up due to the Dominican music we were warming up to (thank you again to Ivan Estevez) and the shirts we were wearing which we received from one of the DR teams!

From the first point of the match you could tell things were going to get intense. We led the set for a while but in the end Webster ended up coming back and taking it from us. This meant revenge. We came out very strong the second game and took it, tying it up 1-1. Both teams began figuring out what works well to beat each others’ defense and we had some very long, scary rallies. The competition was incredibly tight for the 3rd and 4th games and we ended up winning one, but so did Webster. Of course, it wouldn’t be an exciting GC Volleyball game if we didn’t make it as close as possible and take it to a 5th game!

This game, needless to say was probably one of the scariest, most exciting HJ Long has probably seen (at least since last year and the year before :) ). Corinne Coon  had nearly 30 kills, along with so many others by our front row players, and amazing assists and digs from Janell Crow and our other back row players. We were neck and neck the entire time and both teams played their hearts out. Webster was unbelievably scrappy and could return almost everything we gave to them, leading to their 15-13 win. This was a very bitter-sweet evening for GC Volleyball. We played our hearts out and left it all on the court, and we were just barely beat by a team who played very, very well tonight. There were no regrets because of the effort each player gave, on the court and on the bench, and we are proud of the way we performed.

Now all we can do is prepare and train even harder for the next time we will more than likely encounter Webster University… the conference tournament.

Bring it Gorloks.

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