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GC Volleyball Meets The Simple Room!

Posted Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

For the last few Sundays this month, a few girls from our GC Volleyball team had the opportunity to hang out with 8-14 year old girls from the Simple Room here in town. If you are unfamiliar with The Simple Room you can check out their website at or on Facebook at to see the amazing things being done in the lives of these boys and girls.

We would begin every afternoon with introductions and tell a little bit about ourselves, including name, age, favorite color, favorite food, etc. We always tried to ease the girls into the volleyball aspect, as many of them have never played the sport or even touched a volleyball. We went through all of the basic skills of our sport with them including passing, hitting, setting, blocking, and some serving. We had limited time and obviously couldn’t go completely in-depth but the few girls who attended all three weeks definitely started to catch on and were able to perform in some of these areas. In addition to volleyball we also played a lot of different games with the girls and had snack time and a little devotional in the middle of each session! In these devotionals we talked about things like forgiveness, being selfless, and putting our trust in the Lord. We had activities to go along with these topics and we also had a few of the girls tell stories about personal experiences they have had in these areas.


This was our first year teaming up with The Simple Room and it was awesome to be able to share our passion as well as a little bit of our faith with these young girls! Our plan is to make this something we take part in every year in the hopes of developing great relationships and connections between Greenville College Volleyball and the girls of the Simple Room!

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