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Fond Greenville College Memories – Part One

Posted Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 Tagged:

It’s nearly December of my Senior year of college, which has made me hearken back to memories of old. The first one I’m going to post is a fairly recent memory of the first concert my friends and I were able to put on last year with some great musicians Andy Shauf, Lauris Vidal and a former Greenville College student Zach Strout.

To make a long story short, our budget for this concert fell through at the last minute and I had to email these guys and let them know that the funding wouldn’t be there and we would have to cancel the show. They told me that they had planned on coming regardless of whether they were paid and they were going to put on a killer show. This just inspired us even more and we came up with the idea of doing a bake sale with coffee where all of the funds would go towards Andy and Lauris. Doing this we raised over $100 for them. It was really cool to see a crowd of 70+ people come to the Blackroom to see two artists they have never heard of before and see them walk out smiling ear to ear. Here is a video from Zach, Andy and Lauris performing a song from that night.

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image



Top 10 Classes I’ve taken at Greenville College

The other day in my Fencing class, a fellow student was telling me how that class was in his top 25 classes of all time. I let out a little laugh, thinking to myself, “Who makes a list of their top 25 classes?”, and then realized I should totally make a list. While I have most definitely enjoyed my time at Greenville, I think it would be a stretch for me to pick 25 courses. Instead, I will choose a top 10.

10. CIS 105: Computer Fundamentals
I have always loved computers. In high school, I took as many computer classes as I could. So when I had to this course for my (then) major, I was pumped. I had the choice of taking it with some old dude, or with some young guy from IT. I chose the IT guy. Good choice. Instead of writing summaries from some outdated book, we learned about Google Reader and ManBabies.

9. PHL 201: Major Issues Philosophy
I’m currently enrolled in this course with Dr. Christina Smerick. Now many people will tell you that you HAVE to take this with Dr. Kent Dunnington. And trust me, Dr. Dunnington is a phenomenal teacher. But if you are clueless about the ideas behind philosophy and need someone to spell it out like alphabet soup for you, then Dr. Smerick is your professor. Dr. Smerick has been really great at helping to decipher these difficult concepts and has made Philosophy a class that I have very much enjoyed.

8. HPRA 256: Fencing
Ok, let’s just think about this. Fencing just looks insanely awesome. (Video) This class has just been a barrel of laughs. Love it.

7. MGT 321: Management of Organizations
This was my first class with Dr. Ivan Filby. If you are not familiar with Dr. Filby, he is the head of the Management Department at Greenville College as well as the faculty adviser for AgapeFest. Dr. Filby is one of those teachers who can just relate to students on any level, and does a great job of showing leadership. In a class that has potential to be slightly boring like an upper division Management class, he provides ample opportunities to spice up the class and even make a final project based on the movie The Devil Wears Prada.

6. PHY 105: Planets and Stars
I needed a lab science to graduate. I thought, “Hey, Planets and Stars sounds fun.” And it was. Our professor was actually a science teacher at the Bond County High School, so it gave the class a much more laid back feel. He had a great sense of humor, and the class was just really enjoyable.

5. MUEN 165: Rock Ensemble
Once upon a time, I was a CCM major. And in my first semester here, I was enrolled in the Rock Ensemble class. In this class, you are put in a band with 2-4 other people who play different instruments, and you perform a new cover song every week. While the song was often assigned to you, there were weeks occasionally that you were able to pick your cover song. We had the most rag-tag band out of them all; out of the 6 members, none of us were really singers. I  kind of took over the role as singer out of necessity, so when it came time for us to pick our song, I chose a Tom Petty song that I knew very well. This class definitely made me a better musician and made me appreciate playing 6 different instruments over the semester. Our Tom Petty cover: YouTube

Sidenote – Two members of my Rock Ensemble band dropped out of college that year to go play as musicians in touring bands. I felt pretty legit.

4. MKT 201: Marketing
This was a cool class. My favorite part of the class was that we had to take a real life event and market it. This was very easy for me, because I was working on putting on a concert on-campus. It was just a very useful class for me and I really enjoyed my professor and getting to do real life work in a class.

3. MGT 327: Entrepreneurship
This was a very interesting class for me. Essentially the idea behind this class was to create a new product, business, or service, write a business plan, and then present your idea to the class. It was very challenging because we were pretty much on our own for all the information, but it was great because we had to be very resourceful. My service was called “Streamlined Events” and the premise for my service was to create a professional grade online streaming service for showing events. The pitch went very well, and I ended up with a pretty good grade in the class. It not only made me a better student, but it really encouraged me to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

2. COR 302: Science & Christianity
This was such a cool class.  It was a great learning experience for me, because our professor, Dr. Darrell Iler, simply laid out the facts and left it up to the students to decide what they thought of all the different ideas. Dr. Iler made it a point to not influence our opinions by giving his, which I thought was both very difficult and very wise of him. One of my favorite/least favorite  parts of the trip was our trip to the Creation Museum. At the end of the course, we were required to write a paper on a subject related to the class, and I wrote mine about my feelings about the Creation Museum. If you have the opportunity to take this class during Interterm, do so. (Creation Museum paper link.)

1. COR 101: Jesus of the Media
My first course I ever took at Greenville College still stands as my favorite. This was by far the best class I ever took. I loved how much it challenged me, and it was exactly what I needed coming into college. In this course, we watched mainstream films that talked about religion, dieties,  love, relationships, and everything in between. We watched films like Saved!, Dogma, Lars and the Real Girl, Unbreakable, Magnolia, Jesus Camp, and my personal favorite Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This class made me a very critical thinker and definitely set the tone for the rest of my collegiate career.

So there you have it folks, my top 10. I have to say, I do have a pretty awesome schedule for next semester, so stay tuned in to see if any of those classes make the new and improved top 10!



Successful Film Screening for Broke*!

Posted Friday, October 28th, 2011 Tagged:

For the last 10 days, I have been working fervently to market and promote the screening for the film Broke*. It was a tiresome and exhausting several days, but it was very rewarding to see 3 theaters filled with Greenville College students anxious to see the film.  With more than 50 students helping and around 20 GC Faculty/Staff/Alumni involved in creating Broke*, this screening was a great opportunity to showcase Greenville College.

I think my favorite part of the evening was the After-Party. We opened up the old City Hall building, decorated it, put in a Cereal Bar, and had well over 40 people at the event, including Director Will Gray and Tyler Pittman, VP Sales & Marketing Sony Music Entertainment.

What were your thoughts on the film? Did you attend the after-party? Give me your feedback!


The Apostles’ Creed – The Song

Posted Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 Tagged:

Let’s rewind to the Spring of 2009. I was in my second semester of college and was enrolled in the fan favorite course: COR 102. In my class, we went to Chicago for the legendary COR trip where we stayed in a very disturbing hostel (another story for another day…), visited lots of really cool religious facilities, and I had Chipotle for the first time. COR 102 was also my first introduction to The Apostles’ Creed. Growing up in a Baptist background, I was completely unaware of what this creed was, let alone that it existed. For one of our tests with Dr. Dunnington, we had to write the Apostles’ Creed exactly word for word. And being the incredible college students we were, my roommate and I procrastinated on learning until the last night before the test.

We were toast. We had no idea how we were going to learn this huge creed this quickly. And then it hit us: what if we make it into a song? So Mike picked up his guitar, I picked up my harmonica, and we called over our friend Tony from next door to be our percussionist and completely made up music to this creed on the spot.

This is a video of us playing it together for the first time ever. Maybe this will help you memorize the words like it did us!

YouTube Preview Image



Science Fanatics, Rejoice!

Posted Friday, November 19th, 2010 Tagged:

This post will be dedicated entirely to showcasing the beauty of our Science department here at GC. Some of my most admired professors happen to be out of this field, and I find their passion and dedication to be abundant. While science has always been something I enjoy, but don’t necessarily want to delve right into, the professors and students alike have shown me different ways to appreciate what God has created around us. My favorite aspect of it all: the living things! There are so many ecosystems, habitats, etc. right under our noses… and the science department thrives on making this known. Here are a few things that may catch your eye in Snyder (if you visit campus, make sure to take a look around for yourself)!

Yes, here is the entrance to some of the offices.

Some beauties found in the office areas.

This very nice bulletin board showing off the department’s research endeavors.

Did you know that we have Piranhas?  Now you do!  You should see their feeding frenzy….

These guys are so cool to watch… especially basking in their “sun.”

Oh…  & there’s my best friend Sam, along on this science ride!  :)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little trek with me, I sure thought it was a lot of fun.  If you want any more info about the science department, you can visit here.

Until next time!


Guest Speaker

Posted Monday, November 1st, 2010 Tagged:

I’ve always loved to learn from people first hand. Seeing their facial expressions, their passion, hearing their voice and the meaning they put in the words that they emphasize. That is powerful. At GC, I feel like there is an endless supply of resources, like occasional guest speakers, available to learning and thriving young minds. My classes are constantly tying in all kinds of people, other subjects, etc. in order to include cross-subject studies that touch our lives in a real way.

Our COR classes at GC are designed to include Christian concepts and mesh them with current cultural and world-wide issues. My current class, COR 302, is all about studying science and Christian beliefs. In seeing how these two subjects seem to be constantly polarized, I realize that there are almost always these two streams of thought at war: The thought that God can’t be right if Science is seems to prevail… Science can’t be right if God is; I’m sure you may have heard the argument a time or two. People trying to figure out some sense in everything may find their heads spinning.
This class is all about finding the facts, going through research, discussing thoroughly what our beliefs are, and it has been fascinating. Not everyone believes the same, clearly, and the class experience has been better for it. It is challenging when you are placed into an environment where you may have to defend yourself.

Recently, our professor brought in two guest speakers–a husband and wife team. They serve the free Methodist church as missionaries bringing much needed medical assistance and education to the Middle East, and I was in awe of their determination. Both individuals had been Greenville College students (wow!) and were married and probably in their early 50s now. Though they were Americans, they devoted their lives to the study of Middle Eastern languages, became fluent in them, and wanted to understand the way of life that these people know. I could not fully grasp the struggles they had been through, as they described them vividly, but I knew that they were strong people who felt the will of God directing their lives.

As they stood in front of us, dressed in Middle Eastern traditional garb, I sat amazed at the freedom given to us. As Christians, on a Christian college campus, what great freedom we have to do things like this. Guest speakers are always of interest to me, but this kind of life testimony challenges me to think outside of my comfort box, and makes me thankful that I go to a school where this kind of thing can happen. I’m encouraged, and glad that we can reach out to people whose lives are so different from our own.


Interlude: Growing Faith

Posted Monday, September 27th, 2010 Tagged:

My blogs thus far have been devoted to my life as a Greenville College Married Transfer, but I wanted to take a brief post to talk about my faith journey lately.  The things that have been happening this semester in my courses (the curriculum that we are studying , discussions in class, professors sharing opinions, etc.) have been a huge blessing to me.  It has been awesome to recognize patterns in my education that point to the beauty of God’s nature and character.

Transferring in from a non-christian college to Greenville, the difference is quite a contrast.  The first time one of my professors prayed in our class, I was in awe.  Just good, old fashioned jaw-dropping.  The second time, I began to think of it as less of an oddity… but perhaps something kind of rare and special.  Now it is a regular occurrence.  It is still, nonetheless, a special and wonderful thing.  Seeing how God shaped my paths, helping me to make the tough decision to change schools, just fills me with joy.  He knows me and He knew what I would need.

Coming here has helped me to transform from a Christian who was raised as such, to a Christian who has chosen to be so.  My classes and the interactions with my profs are responsible for helping me branch out my ideas and grab onto new ones… they are greatly responsible for my hand reaching out to grip the hand of a Father who had been gripping onto mine since my life began.   As my courses have centered around a theme of Nature and the Cosmos this semester, my heart has become entangled with the beauty of my Creator.  The theme has carried into my life in other ways, as well, and it’s a beautiful thing to see all of the connections that are not merely “coincidence.”


The “Field Experience” Experience

Posted Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 Tagged:

For those of you who may not be interested in my saga of married transfer life, I hope to pursuade you (please?) to read my writing by focusing instead on Education for awhile.  I am a Senior at GC currently, but last year was my first year of pursuing a degree in Elementary Education.  Boy, oh boy, is it worlds away from Psychology!  Instead of focusing on theories (though we do think about those from time to time) those of us studying EDU find ourselves out in the field more often than not– entrenched is probably a better word to describe it.  :)   This entrenchment is known as field experience.  Each student is assigned a certain amount of hours that they must complete for a particular course, and spends that time shadowing a teacher.  In some cases, students may even get an opportunity to teach a lesson–very exciting.

The first time I encountered Field Experience was for an interterm course (the teensy term between the fall and spring terms, it’s special.. and JAM PACKED!) entitled “EDU 101.”  Little did I know, that tiny title entailed so much more than just a general 101 suggests.  Also, this is basically a crash course in EDU, the refining fire that weeds out those who are ill-prepared or ill-informed about a career in Education.  Our days began at 6:00 AM, when we were bussed out to an inner-city grade school.  I literally thought my life would end during that first week.  Thankfully, it did not.  Through the early mornings on the bus, the very diverse atmosphere, and students who didn’t take me seriously… I did survive.  I surprised myself.  After that first tiring week, I trudged forward with victory gleaming in my eyes.  When the course was completed, and my grade was well-earned, I felt inspired and empowered.  I was excited to learn that I had been through the toughest challenges I could imagine, and still loved the thought of being an educator.  Furthermore, I loved my first impressions of the Education department at Greenville.  I thought it was brilliant that the department designed the courses specifically to allow students a chance to get into the field immediately.  We waste little time, begin our immersion in the “real life” world right away, and have time to recover if we don’t find what we thought we would.  Three cheers for EDU 101!  Hurrah!


Life of The Married Transfer: Part 1

Posted Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 Tagged:

Well, well, well! I get to talk about my experience here at Greenville… from my own two eyes, for your reading pleasure. I hope that those eyes will be able show you a view with an interesting perspective to ponder.  I will dedicate this post to a simple introduction of where I am currently, and then I’ll break down my transfer challenges and joys in later posts.  ;)  

Since this past June, I am a married woman, (one of the few on campus!) and working it to the max.  I love being married and a student of Education : working as an admissions telecounselor, interacting with the campus environment, and sharing my newlywed experiences with my fellow Greenvillians.  But, “Oh!” you say… “Isn’t it quite difficult to do all of that at the same time?  How can you balance being a wife and a student?”  I hope to show you, with stories from my life, how it isn’t all that difficult.  The challenges are different, and I don’t want to sugar coat it, they definitely are there… but having a partner in life who shares your frustrations and supports your goals is better than anything!  It’s the best. 

My husband and I had a short engagement, and many of my professors were surprised to learn that we were getting married after 3 months of engagement, but a lot of them encouraged me.  My favorite comment came from one of my previous Biology professors, who said that he knew I’d love being a college student and married.  And he was right.  Another professor (upon my arrival back to school, after getting married) told me “Why did you change your name?  Now nobody knows who you are!”  That was funny.

Of course.. there are the newlywed fights… those mornings when you feel like a walking zombie …getting out of bed and pouring your extra strong coffee… but hey!  Two thumbs up for the college experience. 

Fights and zombies aside, I wouldn’t have it any other way.   I think that the blessing of being a wife during this growing time of my life has shown how the stereotypes are wrong.  Culture and society tell us that we have to have our nests prepared before marriage, our degrees in hand, and our careers launched–but with God’s grace, good friends, pro-marriage support from professors, and a caring community, I love being counter-cultural.

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