I am a communication-Public Relations here at Greenville College. I am a Junior and it’s hard to believe that I will be graduating in approximately 3 semesters, 67.44 weeks, or 427.09 hours. I love my department and working with the people in it daily. Here are my few reasons why I LOVE being a Comm Major.



  1. We watch movies like The Breakfast Club, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Little Manhattan and it is still VERY educational
  2. It’s acceptable for us to talk out of turn in class. Chill and relaxed atmospheres are always present in my Comm classes.
  3. We put our desks in a circle and sit through a class that way instead of the typical rows every day.
  4. We pray before every single class. This allows us to focus on the tasks for that class period and leave our burdens and worries to God.
  5. We take a class picture at the beginning of every semester.
  6. Communication can not only help in your selected careers anywhere around the world, but also any relationship too! We use it daily, why not be a pro at it!?
  7. Group projects are always involved in Comm classes, if you love them then your happy, if you hate them this helps you prepare for the real world!:)