This time of year is always the most grueling portion of the entire year. It’s the end of the first semester, finals are coming, group projects are announced, Christmas is so close we can smell it, and  we just never feel like we have enough gas to keep going. It’s hard to find time for yourself to recharge and chug through the next 2 weeks. Here on campus there are actually a great number of ways to get a little juice back in your battery.

  • Drive the back roads of Greenville and just drive. It’s really refreshing.
  • Watch a Christmas movie in the upper union with your closest friends.
  • Have a baking party with friends. Nothing screams happiness more than fresh baked cookies.
  • Write. Writing out all your anxious worries and frustrations can help you so much when feeling all the end semester pressures.
  • Go to a show in the Blackroom. There’s is always a fun Christmas show going on towards the end of the year.
  • Climb something you shouldn’t, but TAKE EXTRA CAUTION.
  • Girls, we love having spa days, so give yourself one! Not only will you look incredible, but you will FEEL better too!
  • Go for a quick run or walk. It’s a great thing to get some fresh air in your lungs.

Keep chugging everyone!! We are almost there, then we can all go home and spend time sleeping in our OWN BEDS!!