During the Halloween season here on campus, there stands a long lasting tradition of inviting the community into Burrit Hall and letting kids trick-or-treat through the halls. Students decorate the halls around one central theme. Last year Burrit was decorated around a Disney theme. One hall was themed like the movie Finding Nemo, including of course Nemo, Dori, and all the other characters from the movie. This year GC is expanding the trick-or-treating area to a number of different halls! Not only will Burrit get to decorate the halls but also Janssen, Joy, West Oak, and Mannoia. It will be interesting to see what the boys in Janssen, Joy, and West Oak come up with, considering they are all boys and generally not so creative in the decorating aspect of life! :) This event will be happening on October 31st from 5:30 to 8 pm. I encourage everyone if you are in the area come out and experience GC at it’s weirdest!