Hey, y’all (I picked up a southern accent from Kentucky last week)! I’m Jenna from Team Orange: one of two Greenville College worship bands that are traveling to various church camps this summer. Team Orange is out for seven weeks this summer. I’ve been slacking a bit over the past few weeks, but I will be giving you a recap of each camp for the next three so you can keep up on what we’re experiencing and learning from a summer of touring worship.

Week four of the Pursuit tour is over. I will be honest: constant worship and constant traveling is so exhausting. Definitely physically, because we aren’t getting much sleep and are moving equipment and jumping around in the 100+ degree heat, but especially emotionally. Worshiping and learning from the students and staff each week has made for the most emotionally exhausting time of my entire life… But it has made for the most impacting and significant time of my life, as well.

This week was spent at Barefoot Republic Camp in Fountain Run, KY. I can’t explain to you how the Holy Spirit moved at Barefoot this week… It just did. Right when we drove in, I felt it. Heavy and willing to swap our large burdens with His light ones. We needed the power of the Spirit this week because we as a band and as individuals have been through a lot over the past month. We have been fighting some serious spiritual warfare and to see a place with such joy and energy was so refreshing!

The week’s theme verse was Proverbs 27:19- “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.” The theme of “Reflections” this week encouraged us to reflect God’s heart and I personally learned a lot from that. As fallen people, we tend to reflect the world; people that reflect the heart of God stand out! Learning about His character and His promises will help us stand out to those that need His love and, in turn, we have a chance to share God’s grace. Everyone needs that.

My favorite part about this week was the contrast between tradition and change. It was awesome to learn and recite the chants and songs that campers, by now, knew by heart. I was also awesome to work with such a personable staff that encouraged us to try new things. I made a ton of friends this week that I can now call family. Barefoot students and staff were really good to us.

Outside of our experiences as Pursuit, we got to witness some really cool transformations in the hearts of the campers this week. Workshops were significant (we had the privilege of teaching a couple songs to some really talented students). Worship was intense. A lot of students made some huge decisions this week and it is also refreshing to see that. I want to make an impact with worship, but seeing that happen in students’ lives is much more important than the music itself. This week was more than worth it to me because I saw campers hand their lives over to God and that makes everything we do seem valuable. It is empowering, but humbling at the very same time.

I’ve got a lot to say about Barefoot… Great community. Best apple crisp I’ve ever experienced. Most powerful week of my life thus far. All in all, an amazing time was had at Barefoot. Four weeks down, three to go!