Many of you have heard of the Help Desk, and some of you have even had to visit us from time to time, but what do you really know about the Help Desk? Who is the Help Desk, what do they offer, and why are needed?

In the first of a 3 part series, we will answer one of those questions.

What is the Help Desk?
Founded in 2000, the mission of the Help Desk was to provide technical support service for our entire campus community, and to serve as a training environment for future IT professionals. 11 years later, you can still see that mission in action. Today, the Help Desk, with 12 part time student staff and 2 full-time senior support staff, serves as the front end support of the entire IT department. And in the last 11 years, 9 former Help Desk student workers moved into full-time positions in the IT Department (with 5 currently on staff).

What does the IT Help Desk offer?
For students, the Help Desk is a helpful resource for any and all technology related questions. Although we can not do any hardware repairs on your computer, we offer many other helpful services. From virus removal, to assistance installing software and printers, getting connected to Xbox Live, and the list goes on.

Due to our location away from campus, it can often make it difficult for us to be aware of any issues that may exist in labs or on general use computers around campus. We depend on user reports to help us quickly respond to any issues.

If you ever are in need of technical assistance or need to report an issue, please feel free to visit us at our new location at 503 S. Prairie Street, or you can contact us via any of the following options.

Phone: 618-664-7077




How to get to the new Help Desk