Each semester the IT Department hires several student workers to help maintain the college’s Help Desk.  Since 2001 we have employed over forty-five students and eleven former student workers have gone on to serve in full-time roles at Greenville College.  Today we catch up with one of our alums, Andre Anjos, a graduate of 2008.


GC IT: Andre, it is good to catch up with you again.  Thanks for taking the time for this interview.

Andre: “No problemo! Thanks for having me.”


GC IT: What have you been up to since graduation?

Andre: “This kind of began before graduation, but I started a small music company called RAC. It’s mostly been remixing, but it has since ventured into film/tv/advertising. I may or may not have been pulling all nighters only to go in to the Helpdesk to fix somebody’s VPN problems. In between school/work/music, I wasn’t getting much sleep. With the music side of things, I can’t complain, it’s been an incredible ride and I’ve been really fortunate to work with some of the best artists in the world.”


GC IT: How is technology impacting what your currently do?

Andre: “Without it, it wouldn’t exist, so in a way, it’s enabling me to do something I love. I use the internet to spread my music and to network within the music industry. I use recording equipment that is portable and 100x more powerful than what the Beatles had at their disposal. Technology is amazing right now and it seems like nobody is noticing. My phone can play Duke Nukem 3D better than my original PC could.”


GC IT: What motivated you to apply for one of our student worker positions when you were in school?

Andre: “I had a background in computer science and “network security”, so it was my first choice when it came to campus jobs. I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t gotten the job. It’s still the only real job I ever had.”


GC IT: What did you like best about the job?

Andre: “Ann Freed*, Duran** & BBQ’s. No, but seriously, I really enjoyed my time there. I made some great friends and basically got to hang out all day while fixing some spyware issues. Every once in a while a challenging issue would appear, and we would all band together to try to figure it out. Sometimes it even involved freezing a hard drive.”


GC IT: Have there been any skills or lessons that you learned while working at the Help Desk that have been valuable in your new endeavors?

Andre: “Time management and multitasking. Basically doing things efficiently. With RAC, we have probably the fastest turnaround time in the industry and I think that is partly due to the constant multitasking we had to do at the HD.”


GC IT: Is there a funny story you can share about your time working at the Help Desk?

Andre: “I think the story of Ann Freed is one of the funniest but it has to be heard to be believed.”


Editor’s Notes:

If you are a prospective or current student interested in learning more about the world of IT, contact us.  We maintain a student staff of 10-15 each semester.

*Ann Freed is a reference to a voicemail we received from an elderly lady very confused about who she was calling and our subsequent responses.  After a couple of colorful messages, we determined she had no intention of calling Greenville College for technical support and stopped returning her calls.

**Duran was a pet wolf spider, about the size of a silver dollar, we maintained at our Help Desk over the period of a few months.  He was discovered roaming our halls in Hogue Hall and was even buried beneath Old Main upon his unfortunate death due to injuries sustained by a cricket. A funeral was held and the whole IT staff bid farewell.