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Flipped Fridays: Optimizing the Classroom

Posted Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 Tagged:

Last week I blogged about one of the hottest topics in education today:  the flipped classroom. I reviewed two articles on this topic (and there are a multitude of them out there!), and then shared a few points about a not-so-new approach to instruction.  This Fall semester one of our own faculty, Dr. George Peters, has gone one step further–he is trying out this approach in one of his Math courses.

Last summer he and his student assistant were busy creating videos. The latest one below, as uploaded to YouTube, is one of several that he uses along with others created by the likes of Khan Academy:

YouTube Preview Image

“Flipped Fridays,” as he calls it, combines the traditional lecture with traditional homework, completing both at home and in class:   Read the rest of this entry »


got Voki?

Posted Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 Tagged:

A speaking avatar! Yes, you can make one via Voki ( In the online teaching course that I am currently taking through Sloan C, the course mentor has used this tool to create a weekly intro. She uses her own voice to animate her avatar. You could do the same, or you could use one of the many prerecorded voice options. And, there are many options for avatars, a la Second Life.

In one of my first tries, I used a prerecorded voice that spoke using text that I entered myself. See for yourself! Click the play button.  Read the rest of this entry »


Using Video to Welcome Online Students (and Establish Your Online Presence!)

Posted Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Tagged:

Are you looking for ways to engage your online students as the course begins?  Have you thought about recording a short video introduction to the course, your expectations, and our new Desire2Learn Learning Environment?

These days I have been learning — metacognitively speaking, especially — about good and bad practices in online teaching as I work on my Online Teaching Certificate from The Sloan Consortium.  This is now Week 2 of a nine-week foundations course, and I am excited to share with you one nugget of knowledge about an instructor’s presence in an online course.  Our course facilitator has been sharing her expectations and introducing the course topics via a weekly video.  The videos, so far, have been easy to watch, highly engaging, and quite instrumental in projecting a strong online presence.

Below is the video that she has created for Week 1, as uploaded to YouTube: Read the rest of this entry »

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