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FTTC2012 Keynote: Flip the Classroom (and Stick the Landing)

Posted Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 Tagged:

Last week I attended the Focus on Teaching and Technology 2012:  A Regional Conference at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, campus. Joel Davies, MFA, Higher Education Curriculum Development Executive from Apple, Inc. delivered the keynote on the first day. According to Davies, “all students have special learning needs,” and that we need to pay attention to those needs. Below are my notes on his message, “Flip the Classroom (and Stick the Landing).”

Characteristics of 21st century learning:
- relevant: connecting theory with practice
- anytime, anywhere: mobility through various technology devices
- comfortable with technology
- active learning, not passive
- safe-fail environment: students are free and open to try, explore, fail, keep trying

Characteristics of 21st century learning spaces:
- campfire:  movable, wireless, mobile
- watering hole:  circular design
- cave:  a little nook, semi private, semi comfortable, personal space
- mountain top experience:  think about the audience, get feedback

Think before you flip your classroom:
- use anywhere, anytime class content
- employ high level class discussions
- use 21st century assessment:  less focus on speed, more on quality (and revising as appropriate)

Rethinking the typical textbook:
- embrace the short attention span:  short, brief, focused handouts
- build for variety of learning styles: visual, auditory, etc.
- transcend text:  use audio + video + slides + text
- content curation: bring content from various sources into a single resource

On flipping the classroom:  
- entrepreneurial:  resources,
- develop “fun size” content:  by topic, subtopic, single concept
- hold students accountable:  preparation is key, otherwise what do we do?
- use high level class activities
- think about using 21st century teaching frameworks:  challenge based learning
- be transparent when using rubrics

Further references and links: 
- Twitter feed
- Twitter hashtag #fttc2012
- Bookmarks
- FTTC 2012 conference proceedings


Flipped Fridays: Optimizing the Classroom

Posted Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 Tagged:

Last week I blogged about one of the hottest topics in education today:  the flipped classroom. I reviewed two articles on this topic (and there are a multitude of them out there!), and then shared a few points about a not-so-new approach to instruction.  This Fall semester one of our own faculty, Dr. George Peters, has gone one step further–he is trying out this approach in one of his Math courses.

Last summer he and his student assistant were busy creating videos. The latest one below, as uploaded to YouTube, is one of several that he uses along with others created by the likes of Khan Academy:

YouTube Preview Image

“Flipped Fridays,” as he calls it, combines the traditional lecture with traditional homework, completing both at home and in class:   Read the rest of this entry »

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