During yesterday’s workshop, we focused on the Gradebook preferences in our Online Learning system (ANGEL).  Thanks to those that attended. If you were unable to make it, fear not.  You can watch some cool videos!  Three of them, in fact.  Click the titles to launch the videos.  Each one will stream within this window.

  1. How to Create a Gradebook using Setup Wizard If you have yet to create a Gradebook, you can do this with the Wizard’s help, whether you are in Kansas or not (smile).  If you do not see the Wizard, the system will reset it after you delete the Categories in the Gradebook for a particular course.  But, be careful…all the associated assignments will disappear as well!
  2. How to Set Gradebook Preferences and the Grading Scale If you’d rather not see the Wizard, then set the Preferences first, the Grading Scale next, and then proceed to add the Categories (the buckets) and the associated Assignments.  Remember that once you have decided to use either points or percentage, you cannot switch later.
  3. How to Manually Enter Grades in the Gradebook To make grading as simple as can be, entering grades manually may be the right choice for you.  Manual grading allows you to skip the grading through the Assignments in the Content area.  You can go directly to the Gradebook to enter the students’ grades.  You can do this for any or all of their assignments.

If you have any trouble with the Gradebook at all, as always, I’m here to assist!