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Presentations Tools: Prezi vs. Powerpoint

Posted Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 Tagged:

Prezi is a newer presentation tool that has people talking.  There are both negative and positive reviews on this web-based application, and I want to shine some light on it. The over use of this product’s features has a lot of presenters being completely against it and going back to the cornerstone of presentation tools, Microsoft’s Power Point.

Power Point has been around for a long time and is well known as a reliable go-to presentation tool. Power Point is not always that reliable, as Microsoft updates the application every couple of years. This has been an ongoing issue for users for the past few years. Prezi is a web based application and only requires an Internet connection to access it. Requiring Internet can be bad for a situation where it is unavailable or broken. Users are able to download their presentation as a back up before just in case that happens.  As having the presentation backed up on a cloud and being easily shared seems like it would be the best option, it may not be. Since Prezi is web based, it limits the users options on design and usability. There are a limited number of templates and fonts that one is able to use.  The designs are fresh and modern but had the ability to be more simplified.

One of the most common and know problems people have with Prezi is the movement between slides. When Prezi first came out, people were excited about this new and exiting way to show their information. Some took it a bit too far and made the movements excessive to where viewers would get dizzy. If someone is using Prezi, they should take note of their audience and make their movements light and complement the presentation. This brings me back to Power Point. Power Point is simple and easy to use. The data is stored on a hard drive and may be harder for college students to work on as a group, but Power point has a professional quality about it. The slide-to-slide features may not be as interesting and may seem old and outdated, but it is fully customizable with colors and font because of the space on a computer’s drive.

It is hard to tell someone which tool is the best because they both have great features and have features that are not so great. Prezi’s, Jim Harvey says it well, “Their such different animals, and choosing one over the other doesn’t really do either of them justice”.

Which tool helps communicate your message more powerfully?

You can watch Jim Harvey’s presentation here:

YouTube Preview Image


iPads Make Better Readers, Writers — THE Journal

Posted Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 Tagged:

iPads Make Better Readers, Writers — THE Journal.

In a research paper titled “Unlocking Literacy with iPad,” Ohio English teacher James Harmon found that state-compiled statistics indicate that those students with iPad access in the year leading up to the Ohio Graduation Test had a 6-percent greater chance of passing the test’s reading portion than those without, and an 8-percent greater chance of passing the writing portion.

Click the above link to read the entire article.

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