I have learned a lot in my two weeks in Greenville. I am delighted in
and out of class. For one thing, I gained knowledge and improved my
English skills in class.  Class begins at 8:30 am and the class is over at
4:30 pm. There is a two-hour time for rest from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, so I
can have lunch and sleep for a short while. There are four lessons a day,
including writing and reading, listening, pronunciation, and conversation.
I think the lessons are awesome. The teacher is interesting and we
communicate with each other in class. We have a plan everyday and we are
willing to do it. In the reading and writing class we learn words and
review them and we do the weekly 8 regularly. In listening class, we
listen to a CD or watch TV and do the exercise. We also learn the
pronunciation and speak about one topic on what we are learning. It is
full of fun.

For another thing, I do the homework carefully and also do some reading. I
like to play the basketball. I play it once or twice a week with other
students if I have time. They play it very well and they are so strong. I
play table tennis in my dorm as well. We get along well with each other. I
will do exercise in the gym in my spare time in the future. I think it is
good for my health.

This has been my two-week social life and study life. I will continue to
study hard in the future.