What an awesome hike it was today! Today we hiked and it was not
difficult for us. It was very interesting. We started walking at 9:00 am.
We were full of energy and we were equipped with water in order to keep
hydrated. We talked about the college hiking from time to time while we
were walking. Owing to feel not tired, we also listened the music and
communicated with the new people. When we got to the destination, it was
noon. We had lunch outside and the meal was delicious. Then, we watched
volleyball. The group cooperation was perfect and we tried to play
volleyball after them. We needed to move frequently and quickly. We hit
the ball and the other side people hit it back. It was interesting. We
listened to music about glorifying Jesus after we played volleyball. The
songs were powerful and the sounds were very nice. It made me excited. We
also got another invite to a concert. I think it was a good chance to
learn more about the American culture and I made new friends by taking
part in the games and activities. We came back at 3:00 pm. It was an
interesting experience for me.