Greenville College’s mission is to transform students for lives of character and service through Christ centered education in the liberating arts and sciences. It is with that goal in mind that we have begun to develop programs and services necessary to create a climate that values and celebrates multiculturalism. At the same time, we seek to support the ethnic student population and encourage them to utilize GC’s resources in order to prepare them to succeed by furthering their life goals and thus enhance their overall growth and development.


To enhance, promote and support multiculturalism at Greenville College through education, recognition, support of student leadership and character development, and appreciation of rich cultural heritage of diverse ethnic populations.



  • To facilitate the advancement of multicultural and cross-cultural awareness and communication.
  • To produce students who respect and understand other cultures and their contributions to society.
  • To encourage students, faculty and staff to reflect on their own experiences and assess their prejudices, attitudes and values as they relate to dealing with people from different cultures.
  • To maintain a database of multicultural and cross-cultural training/education materials and resource persons, who are available to make presentations pertaining to the language, culture, history, or current issues of different cultures.