Student Activist Discuss Immigration Reform

Now that you know the history and a few terms associated with the movement (that is, if you read this). The question remains: How does Freedom Summer look today? Or as my mom would probably say, “What did you guys spend a week doing in Mississippi anyhow?”

If you want a short answer:

Workshops, networking and LOTS of dialogue.

If you want a longer answer:

Besides learning about the history of the movement, meeting folks, and shaking our ‘groove thang’ every once and a while, we met with activist groups from around the country. Much like the original volunteers of the 1960’s, these activists boldly fight for modern issues; Issues that are relevant to our time. For example: LGTB rights, Youth voting rights, School to Prison Pipeline issues, and the list goes on.

Each group dominated discussions with an incredible wealth of knowledge and personal investment in their particular issue. However, regardless of the various interests and goals of these many activists, the common strand is this: they are all fighting for rights. And might I say, very passionately.

But don’t take my word for it, check out this short video of our time during Freedom Summer!

Can’t view it? Click here to watch on Youtube.

Featured Image taken by Fareed Alston

Video, Media and Article by Andrea Freeman