Written by Senior Jamie Schollenbruch

After our wonderful stay in Nashville, Tennessee last night, we embarked on the rest of our journey to Mt. Berry, Georgia. We are finally here in our hotel and it’s all starting to become more real to us.

Today was the first time we got a glimpse of what it’s like to be apart of the NCAA tournament and what an awesome first impression it was. When we first pulled up to the college, we were in awe of God’s beautiful creation throughout their entire campus. When we drove up to the gym, it all set in for me that we were really here and actually going to play in the NCAA tournament. We walked in the gym and saw the NCAA poster with our name on it, and then a sign about private practices, which made it seem all the more real.

As we took our first steps on the court, I was overwhelmed with joy to be in that moment with my sisters. Yes, it was just a regular gym, but the meaning behind the road to get there made that gym so much more than just an ordinary gym. The emotions are still high and all over the place, but one thing that has stayed constant is the determination factor to fight through any challenge that is at hand. Our team is ready for the challenge to face one of the best teams in the nation tomorrow. We know we can control our energy and attitudes and I could not be more excited to see how everything unfolds for this team tomorrow.
We have all the pieces of our puzzle together, but one of our crucial pieces to our puzzle is still in Greenville. That crucial puzzle piece is Coach Ivan Estevez, who unfortunately could not make the trip with us. He’s done phenomenal work with our setters this year, which has played a huge role in our success. If I could change one thing about this trip, it would be to have him here with us to experience this amazing opportunity. I am so thankful for the relationship that I have made with Ivan in my four years here. I am so glad his first year coaching was my freshman year at Greenville, otherwise these past four year would not have been nearly the same. Ivan, we know how much you wish you could be here and know that we wish you could’ve been here too, but we know you will be our backbone and hold the ladder for us back in Greenville.

The past few days have been very exciting and filled with great meals, fellowship, a practice, and more shenanigans, but tomorrow we carry our briefcases into Berry College to take care of business. Time is ticking down until the first whistle blows tomorrow, but there are no better sister or coaches that I would rather take that floor with.