Written by senior Marissa Lovell

The Long Road Ahead

Tournament Champions. Georgia bound. NCAA Tournament. These words still seem so unreal in our minds. In fact, we are currently on the bus on our way to Georgia and I am still trying to take it all in.

Finding out we were leaving for Georgia 24 hours before departure time left us frantically packing and making travel arrangements, but overall this has already been a day full of excitement and anticipation for the team. We loaded the charter bus with our overpacked luggage bursting at the seams and were surprised with snacks from the GC Baseball team and a team mom as well. This community always comes together to love and support one another, and it’s truly remarkable to be a constant witness of that.

So we begin on the Long Road Ahead and from here our first stop will be Nashville, TN. We will take a night to celebrate as a team and enjoy all of the tourist attractions that the famous city has to offer. Reflecting on this amazing opportunity God has blessed us with could bring a tear to any of our eyes and will be something we cherish for the rest of our lives. Whenever I think of this amazing group of girls I am reminded that I am a part of a family and a legacy that will continue on forever. The conference tournament win serves as a true reminder that adversity can be overcome through hard work, discipline, and never losing faith in God or your sisters. This experience has already taught us so much as players and as people, and this journey is just beginning.