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GC In Your Jammies

Posted Thursday, February 25th, 2010

At Greenville College we talk a lot about community and transformation. Well … welcome to our new blog community! Blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, and YouTube videos are all ways for us to bring our GC community directly to you, wherever you are!

Do you remember when online shopping was first introduced and everyone was excited about the opportunity to “shop in your jammies?” This is like that, but different because, let’s face it, we’re Greenville College and we’re different! And here … different is good! So welcome to “GC in your jammies!” Visit us often, get to know us, give us your feedback and have a lot of fun. Because we sure are! And what’s the best part of “GC in your jammies?” It’s FREE!

Check out our GC blogs to read about anything from Shannan’s Velveeta traditions to Josiah’s night at the Blackroom Cafe. Or the play-by-play action of our GC men’s basketball team to a “how to” for online learning. And much, much more!

Now let’s summarize:
Greenville College is blogging now.
You should read our blogs daily.

I think that covers it! Thanks for stopping in! See you next time!

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