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Even in the hard times, God is there

Posted Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Tonight we got to hear the amazing testimony of a battle with cancer at a young age and an important time in life. Yet, even though he was going through this battle and sickness and pain, he would not trade it for one day of not experiencing this great trial. Through trials we learn. Through trials we grow. Through trials we see God. He is there. We have to look but He is there holding us. He won’t let us down. It is our choice to see Him. And when we choose to, we see God’s plans unfold so beautifully before us.



Posted Friday, November 18th, 2011
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The question is, are there things that are distracting you from God? Video games (Skyrim)? Movies (Breaking Dawn)? Magazines (any)? What is it that is breaking your concentration?



Posted Friday, November 18th, 2011
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LiNK is a ministry to help refugees that escape from the horrors of North Korean control. There was a benefit concert held to raise up money for this organization.


Science Vs Religion

Posted Thursday, November 10th, 2011
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Is there really a debate or war between Science and Religion? I mean, can’t we just…’COEXIST’? (Catch the reference?) Where did this battle come from? There is this assumed war when in reality, Science goes hand in hand with ‘Religion’ in some sense. Maybe you could just go into the research yourself. Besides, didn’t most of the early main contributions to science come from Christians? And Science is played only by laws, who made those laws? Our speaker was Dr. Karl Giberson.



When Your Plan A Doesn’t Meet God’s Plan A

Posted Monday, November 7th, 2011

Sometimes we have questions for God. We often wonder, why did this happen to me? Divorce, stillborn, major injury, break-up, death, sickness, loss of employment, loss of friend, conflict, financial issues, family issues, and so much more. We never understand why a Loving God would allow such heart-ache to happen. Why is sorrow apart of life? God are you there? We have plans and dreams and sometimes God steps in and those plans are thrown away, or those dreams are shattered and unable to be put back together. There are new plans that we make, unfaithful plans. And those plans unfortunately turn into actions. We seek temporary things: Cutting, Alcohol consumption, drugs to calm us down, sex to make us feel loved, and many times we just run. The shamefulness of facing a Holy God is hard to overcome. It is easier to run. Or is it? God is there. He knows what He is doing. Yet, we find it nearly impossible to trust Him on that. So, we fight. We struggle. And more times than I wish to admit (For I myself have in fact done this multiple times) He gives us what we cry for. “See, I have now given you what you wanted, and it hurts you more than if you would have trusted me.” God is there. He never left. He isn’t done fighting for you. If you feel that God has let you down, this is for you. If you don’t believe God knows the sorrow you are going through, remember His time here on Earth. He weeped when a friend died, He was mocked, His family didn’t believe in Him, He was abandoned at the most crucial time of need, He was sought after, He had no rest, He was stressed, He was tempted, He was arrested, He was treated unfairly, He loved but received nearly no love, He didn’t have a spouse, He was injured, He was a hard working man, He was put through extreme pain, He was nailed to a Cross, He was hung up to hang in severe pain, He was slowly dying an extremely painful death, He felt that God had forsaken Him, He felt sin (ALL SIN: Just imagine that real quick), He died, He was in Hell for several days, He rose up again to take our pain and give us hope, and yet still many didn’t believe in Him after all that He had done, and He has to watch us hurting everyday just like a parent watching their depressed child. God knows. He has been where we are. He is there with you. Embrace Him. Let His plan for your life, be your plan.

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